COLISID 120 mg/ml

Oral solution 1 L, 5 L, 10 L

Code: 0079 Brand: CHEMIFARMA Categories: Veterinary medicinal products Form animals: Cattle, Swines, Birds, Rabbits

COLISID - solution for oral administration to be diluted in water or liquid feed for calves, swine, broilers, turkeys, layers and rabbit

1 ml of solution contains:

Active substance:

Colistin sulphate 120 mg

Excipients: q.s. to 1.0 ml


1L bottle/ 5 L can/10 L can


Treatment and metaphylaxis of enteric infections caused by non-invasive E.coli susceptoble to colistin. The presence of desease in the herd should be established before metaphylactic treatment.


Thouroughly dilute in water or in liquid feed at the following dosage: 4.2 - 5.0 g/100 kg b.w. (equal to 5.0 - 6.0 mg colistin sulphate/kg b.w.) according to the age, wight and water consumption of the animals.

Do not mix in solid feed.