Amoximed LA

Amoxicillin 150 mg/ml Suspension for injection

1 ml of solution for injection contains:
Active substance:
Amoxicillin (as trihydrate) 150 mg
Benzyl alcohol; Butylhydroxytoluene; Aluminum monostearate; Triglycerides medium chain.

Indications for use

AMOXIMED LA is used in target species in treatment of infections caused with amoxicillin
susceptible bacteria. Single administration of this specific formulation provides sustained
antimicrobial action of amoxicillin.
The drug is indicated in treatment of the infections of digestive, respiratory and urogenital tract,
as the infections of skin and soft tissues as well as in prevention of post operative infections
(preoperative treatment) due to amoxicillin susceptible bacteria.

Amounts to be administered and administration route
The dose of amoxicillin is 15 mg/kg b.w., or 1ml of the product Amoximed LA per 10kg of body
weight. Calculated volume of the drug is:
Cattle (intramuscularly): 10 ml/ 100kg b.w.
Pigs (intramuscularly): 5 ml/ 50 kg b.w.
Dogs (intramuscularly or subcutaneous): 2 ml/ 20 kg b.w.
Cats (intramuscularly or subcutaneous): 0.5 ml/ 5 kg b.w.
Shake well before use. The product s administered single intramuscularly or subcutaneous but if
necessary, the administration may be repeated in 48 hours. In case of repeated administration,
use another injection site. Rub the injection site after each application of the product.

Special precautions for storage
Store at temperature of 25ºC, in original package
Keep out from the reach of children

100 ml transparent glass vials, in cardboard box