Phytocomplex for immunity for cats, 50 g

Code: 0021 Brand: VEDA Categories: Vitamin and mineral supplements Form animals: Cats

Supplemental functional food for cats with phytocomplex for immunity contains brewer's yeast, fishmeal, lactose and biologically active components and is intended for systematic use in the ration of cats, to compensate for the deficiency of biologically active substances and necessary micronutrients. Reduces the risk of weakening the immune system associated with food. Increases the body's overall resistance and accelerates the animal's recovery from an illness.

Echinacea and rosehip are natural immunostimulants that increase the overall resistance of the animal's body.

Seagrass (Inula helenium) - has a tonic and blood-purifying effect, it is effective in weakening the body and the malfunction of the immune system.

The larvae of the wax butterfly (moth-bees) and the pasture have adaptogenic and biostimulating effects, they increase the body's protective functions.