for teeth and bones for cats 100 g / 200 pcs 0.5 g each

Instructions for use
functional food PHYTOMINA FORTE for teeth and bones for cats


Purpose: a feed mixture containing brewer's yeast, protein hydrolysate, fish meal, lactose and biologically active components, intended for systematic use as part of the feed rations of kittens, pregnant and lactating females, as well as adult and aging cats. Reduces the risk of skeletal diseases associated with feeding. Promotes the formation of bone tissue, strengthens teeth and bones during the period of active growth, reduces the risk of developing rickets. Prevents the “washing out” of calcium in pregnant and lactating females. Reduces the possibility of injuries and fractures of animals in old age.

Collagen strengthens and repairs bone tissue in the body.

The phytocomplex regulates the phosphorus-calcium metabolism of the body, enriches it with magnesium and silicon salts of plant origin, which do not cause the formation of urinary stones.

L-carnitine and sulfur promote collagen production and maintain the strength and elasticity of the body's bone tissue.

Feeding recommendations: functional food is given daily once a day before feeding or together with the main food:

kittens - 0.5 g (1 pc.);
cats over 8 months - 1 g (2 pcs.);
for aging animals - 0.5 g (1 pc.).
Use until the desired result is achieved or on an ongoing basis.

Ingredients: lactose; protein hydrolyzate; phytocomplex: calamus rhizomes, horsetail grass, meadowsweet (meadowsweet) flowers, violet grass, birch leaves, salvia officinalis leaves, burdock roots, birch buds, calendula officinalis (marigold) flowers, peppermint leaves, Scots pine buds; dry nutritional brewer's yeast; mineral complex (defluorinated calcium phosphate); fish meal; potato starch; calcium stearate; polyvinylpyrrolidone; L-carnitine; collagen hydrolyzate; taurine; feed sulfur.

Feed value per 100 g (not less): proteins - 10 g; fats - 0.1 g; carbohydrates - 80 g.

Energy value per 100 g: 360 kcal.

Features of use: individual hypersensitivity or intolerance to individual components is possible.

Storage conditions: at temperatures from 0 to 25˚С.

Shelf life: 18 months.