For hair and coat, 50 g

Code: 0030 Brand: VEDA Categories: Vitamin and mineral supplements Form animals: Dogs

The Functional pet food for hair and coat, containing brewer's yeast, meat meal, lactose and biologically active components, is intended for systematic use as part of dog food rations. It improves the growth and quality of the animal's coat. It is used for problems with the normal state of the coat associated with feeding: loss, brittleness, dull unhealthy appearance, off-season molting. It restores the functioning of hair follicles, improves the structure and quality of the coat. It is recommended when preparing animals for exhibitions.

Burdock and sweet flag - contain phytosterols that help strengthen hair roots and accelerate hair growth.

Thyme and yarrow - stimulate the function of hair follicles, normalize the work of the sebaceous glands of the skin. Effective in fighting against dry skin and dandruff.

L-carnitine and sulfur contribute to the production of collagen and keratin -  building material of hair, significantly reduce hair loss.