For joints for dogs, 50 g

Code: 0029 Brand: VEDA Categories: Vitamin and mineral supplements Form animals: Dogs

The Phytomins for joints for dogs containing brewer's yeast, meat meal, lactose and biologically active components is intended for systematic use as part of the feed rations of dogs leading an active lifestyle, as well as puppies and adult dogs of large breeds, whose joints experience increased stress. The product reduces the risk of diseases of the articular apparatus associated with feeding. It promotes the formation of joints and protects them during the period of active growth; reduces the possibility of damage to the ligamentous-articular apparatus during the active work of the dog; protects the joints of old animals from premature wear.

Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) - promotes the regeneration of cartilage cells.

Collagen and sulfur - connect the articular "bricks", forming a strong elastic cartilage tissue.

Phytocomplex bioflavonoids and vitamin D3 - stimulate the cleansing and renewal of connective tissue.