Veterinary pharmaceutical company

The company specializes in the import and distribution of veterinary drugs, pet food and accessories, as well as premixes, feed additives, farm animal drugs.

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We have a wide range of quality veterinary products
We have a wide range of quality veterinary products, a special place being occupied by products based on natural ingredients, which are very effective and, at the same time, friendly to animals, people and the environment
We always strive to provide our customers with excellent value for money, as well as efficient and professional service

Animals don't need much to be happy, they only need 2 things: human love and care. VIOVANT has specially designed the distribution product portfolio to help veterinarians, breeders and animal lovers properly care for pets and farm animals.

We are responsive to the problems and daily needs related to the care and health of the animal and we are ready to offer the best solutions, both for the prevention and treatment of the existing ailments of the animals, as well as for their correct and balanced nutrition.