Functional pet food with urology phytocomplex for cats, 50 g

Code: 0018 Brand: VEDA Categories: Vitamin and mineral supplements Form animals: Cats

Functional pet food with urology phytocomplex for cats containing brewer's yeast, steam fish meal, lactose and biologically active components is intended for systematic use as part of the feed rations of cats prone to the formation of stones in the urinary tract. Reduces the risk of kidney and urinary tract disorders associated with feeding. Normalizes the acid-base balance of urine, which prevents the formation of urinary stones.

Madder, lespedeza - have the ability to loosen oxalate stones, salts, urates, contributing to their subsequent excretion, reduce the acidity of urine.

Orthosiphon - increases glomerular filtration of the kidneys, improves the function of the renal tubules, has an antispasmodic effect on the organs of the urinary system.

The phytocomplex includes plants that have a diuretic effect.