Mycoactive Plus

mycotoxin adsorbent & immunostimulant

Code: 0060 Brand: MPA VETERINARY MEDICINES AND ADDITIVES Categories: Feed additives Animals: Cattle, Swines, Sheep/Goats, Birds, Rabbits By


  • Mycotoxin adsorbent with a broad spectrum of activity
  • Organic and nonorganic toxin binder
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Combines activated sodium bentonite and cellular walls with high content in MOS and β-glucans.

MycoActive Plus is composed by a mineral adsorbent and yeast walls. Both ingredients act synergistically binding mycotoxins and strengthening immune system. Yeast walls are rich on mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) and β-glucans, both active ingredients are critical in MycoActive Plus activity.

Animal species and category:

All animal species.


General: 0,5 – 2 kg/t of feed

Starter diet: 2 – 4 kg/t of feed

Growth/Finisher diet: 1 - 2 kg/ t of feed

Severe contamination: 2 - 4 kg/ t of feed


Store in a cool and dry place. Away from direct sunlight.

Packaging:  25 kg and 1000 kg.