Functional pet food for gelded cats 50 g

Code: 0015 Brand: VEDA Categories: Vitamin and mineral supplements Form animals: Cats

Functional pet food for gelded cats

It contains brewer's yeast, fishmeal, lactose and biologically active components and is intended for systematic use in the ration of castrated cats and spayed cats. Reduces the risk of nutritional problems in naturalized animals, such as obesity, urolithiasis. Improves the quality of life of neutered animals.

Camelina oil - contains phytosterols, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which reduce the risk of obesity.

Bean pods - contain arginine, which is involved in the synthesis of urea and other processes of nitrogen metabolism, which has a beneficial effect on kidney function.

Plantain - affects cholesterol metabolism.

Aglic, birch, dandelion - have a diuretic and choleretic effect.

St. John's wort, mint - have antidepressant properties.