Functional pet food Hematodog for puppies 50 g

Code: 0013 Brand: VEDA Categories: Vitamin and mineral supplements Form animals: Dogs

The functional pet food Hematodog for puppies, containing brewer's yeast, steamed meat meal, lactose and biologically active components, is intended for systematic use as part of the feed ratio of puppies, as well as dogs of other age groups. It reduces the risks of developmental disorders and weakening of the body associated with feeding. It helps to accelerate the growth and harmonious development of young animals, as well as the general strengthening of the body of dogs of all ages in case of refusal of food and loss of muscle mass. It is recommended for weakened and sick animals during the recovery period, especially those who have suffered a large blood loss as a result of injuries or operations, as well as those who have recovered from piroplasmosis. It stimulates hematopoiesis and improves blood counts, increases the body's resistance.

It is recommended to include in the diet of:

- young animals to accelerate growth and general strengthening of the body;
- adult animals with food refusal and loss of muscle mass;
- after injuries and surgical operations with large blood loss;
- weakened and sick animals during the recovery period.