Additional functional pet food with vitamins and minerals for cats, with seafood flavor, 48 pills 0.5 g each

Code: 0012 Brand: VEDA Categories: Vitamin and mineral supplements Form animals: Cats

The vitamin-mineral complex for cats, with seafood flavor, contains forms of vitamins and fully digestible microelements, divided into two doses, which satisfies the daily needs of a cat / kitten, regardless of the type of food.

Taurine is introduced in the composition, which nourishes and protects the retina of the eye, therefore it has a positive effect on vision, improves cardiac activity, ensures the growth and development of healthy offspring.

L-carnitine ensures proper fat metabolism, energy flow, muscle strength, contributes to a healthy functioning of the heart and liver.

The "Morning" and "Evening" formulas are developed taking into account the biological needs of the body of a nocturnal animal, as well as in accordance with the recommendations for separate and common nutrient intake. As a result, the body receives all the necessary substances, and the effectiveness of vitamins increases by 30-50%.

The morning tablet contains ingredients to improve growth, development, digestion, blood circulation, lower cholesterol, stimulate metabolism and maintain the nervous and immune system and increase the strength of bones and teeth.

The evening tablet contains special components for enriching the cells with oxygen, cleansing the kidneys, liver, blood, hair growth, proper absorption of nutrients, repairing tissues and organs. Promotes the formation of antibodies, normalizes metabolism, improves day and night vision.

Take one tablet twice a day. In the morning - a tablet in a band with an orange mark, in the afternoon - a tablet in a band with a black mark. It is recommended from the age of 8 months. The packaging is designed for a 24-day life cycle. A repeated course can be taken with a break of 7-10 days.