Deodorizing shampoo balm for dogs and cats, 250 ml

Code: 0048 Brand: VEDA Categories: Cosmetics and hygiene products Form animals: Dogs, Cats

Developed specifically for hygienic care for pets with a specific unpleasant odor. The deodorizing effect is based on a special Complex - odor neutralizer that eliminates undesirable odor and does not mask it with odorants.

  • Special Complex - odor neutralizer is based on ingredients of natural origin.
  • Has the ability to bind and neutralize any, even the strongest odors. It slows the growth of bacteria that form odorous substances.
  • Due to the content of vitamins and conditioner the shampoo has a revitalizing effect on the skin and coat condition.

Shampoo effectively cleans and helps eliminate and prevent an unpleasant pet odor for a long time.